Govenment Services

Open Innovation Consultants

Hackmania can act as the bridge between the government and citizens to run open innovation programs. This gives the government a unique opportunity to connect with its citizens and adapt solutions developed by them.

Problem Solving Hackathons

Hackmania is a leader in sourcing pressing problems from the government and governmental agencies. We motivate governments to run hackathons across the city/state/country and unite the innovators in their region to come up with implementable solutions.

Student Hackathons

Governments can choose to target students in their region, to run skill development programs clubbed with a hackathon, to get better outcomes and engage the student community to be problem solvers.

Hybrid Hackathons

Governments can run hackathon series which is a combination of online and offline hackathons, in partnership with other sponsors and partners to engage the innovator community in their region.

Deep Tech Workshops & Bootcamps

Hackmania with its subject matter experts, has conducted over 300 deep-tech workshops in colleges on subjects like blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Big-Data to give the student community an opportunity to work with cutting edge technologies while building solutions for the government.

Governmental Evangelism

The governments can also choose to support our hackathons to evangelise the governmental departments and inculcate a culture of innovation throughout their region.