College & University Services


Hands-on learning for students by conducting deep tech bootcamps for colleges, universities and schools. Students will learn how to do rapid prototyping and build MVPs utilising the latest available technologies.


Hackmania along with its global partners offers certification programs on emerging technologies for students to showcase their expertise and get an advantage in profile evaluation.

Internal Hackathons

Colleges, Universities and Schools can now run internal hackathons for their students, utilising Hackmania’s proprietary hackathon hosting platform. This helps the colleges, universities and schools to inculcate a culture of open innovation in campus.

Online Hackathons

Colleges, universities and schools can now organise online hackathons for their students, who can access world class mentorship, discussion forums and other features from the comfort of their home/class. The evaluation is also done online, global jury can be engaged to bring credibility for the hackathons organised.

Student Ambassador Program

Students can apply to become student ambassadors and help us run hackathons, meet ups and other open innovation programs in their colleges, universities or schools. The Student Ambassador Program gives global exposure to the student community as their will be cross border networking among global student community who truly care about innovation. This is a paid internship program and will have global recognition.

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